Automatic Biochip Analyzer SLXP-005

Instrument Parameters

Sample Positions: 30
Chip Positions: 100
Reagent Positions: 8
Throughput: 360T/H
Instrument Size: 1050mm*780mm*780mm (W*D*H)
Weight: 150kgs, Desktop

Product Features

Fast Detection Speed】 Detection speed of 12 tumor markers: 360 T/H.
High Throughput】 100 chip positions, 30 sample positions, and 8 reagent positions, supporting non-stop loading.
Accurate Detection Results】 Steel sampling needle with special coating to effectively reduce the carryover contamination rate; independent incubation system, providing minimal temperature fluctuation and better repeatability of the results.
Good User Experience】 Automatic instrument, supporting direct loading of original tube, convenient operation, bar code identification, intelligent interpretation, and interoperable with LIS system.
Perfect Solutions】 A variety of kits can be used in combination, with more choices, providing professional and timely after-sales service to solve worries.

Supporting Reagents

Multiple Tumor Markers Reagent Kit

Cardiopulmonary Function (Myocardial Markers) Reagent Kit

Inflammation Reagent Kit

Anti-Nuclear Antibody Spectrum Reagent Kit

Allergen IgE Reagent Kit

12 Tumor Markers Reagent Kit (Male)

12 Tumor Markers Reagent Kit (Female)

6 Tumor Markers Reagent Kit (Liver)

7 Tumor Markers Reagent Kit (Digestive Tract)

7 Tumor Markers Reagent Kit (Lung)

Cardiopulmonary Function Reagent Kit,

Myocardial Marker Reagent Kit,

Cardiopulmonary Function Marker Reagent Kit (Second Generation)

PCT and CRP Reagent Kit,

Inflammation Reagent Kit (Second Generation)





Allergen 9-item (Inhalation, Food) Specific IgE Reagent Kit