Wuxi Sunlant Medical Laboratory

        Wuxi Sunlant Medical Laboratory, established in 2017, is a third-party independent medical laboratory dominated by precision testing, characterized by innovative mode and based on academic exchange. The laboratory is located in the Airport Industrial Park of Wuxi high tech Zone.


        Sunlant Medical Laboratory can provide excellent medical testing, clinical trials, scientific research services and health management services. It has the ability to detect more than 1 million biochemical and immunological samples and 2 million tubes of new crown nucleic acid every year.

        Sunlant Medical Laboratory has 15 sets of PCR amplification instruments, 6 nucleic acid extractors, 12 PCR licensed personnel and 6 logistics and logistics specialists. With the daily detection capacity of 15000 single tubes, the daily nucleic acid detection capacity ranks second in Wuxi City.

        Wuxi Sunlant Medical Laboratory has passed the inter laboratory quality assessment of national clinical center and Shanghai Clinical Center for three consecutive years. The self built logistics and professional information system can optimize the allocation of medical resources for Wuxi and its surrounding areas, realize large-scale inspection, reduce costs and improve efficiency.


         In 2020, it was designated by Wuxi as the private practical project "Wuxi tumor marker free screening project". In 2020, Sunlant Medical Laboratory won the third prize of scientific and technological innovation in Jiangsu Province. In February of 2021, it was designated as the "COVID-19 nucleic acid testing and medical institution in Wuxi" by the City Health Committee.


          At present, Sunlant Medical Laboratory is focusing on the third-party immune diagnosis and the detection of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, and building a "medical examination + artificial intelligence" ecosystem through a large technology platform, all Wuxi service network, large samples and large databases. Provide all-round detection support and services for healthy Wuxi and normalized epidemic prevention and control through health sentinels and scientific and technological war epidemics.