Automatic Biochip Analyzer SLXP-001B

Instrument Parameters

Sample Positions: 60

Chip Positions: 130

Reagent Positions: 18

Throughput: 720T/H

Instrument Size: 1500mm*900mm*1200mm (W*D*H)

Weight: 400kgs, Vertical Machine

Product Features

Fast Detection Speed】 Detection speed of 12 tumor markers: 720 T/H.
High Throughput】 130 chip positions, 60 sample positions, and 18 reagent positions, supporting non-stop loading.
Accurate Detection Results】 Microarray chemiluminescence technology, patented cleaning technology, and double-mouth spring cleaning technology to eliminate cross-contamination.
Good User Experience】 Automatic instrument, supporting direct loading of original tube, convenient operation, bar code identification, intelligent interpretation, and interoperable with LIS system.
Perfect Solutions】 A variety of kits can be used in combination, with more choices, providing professional and timely after-sales service to solve worries.

Supporting Reagents

Multiple Tumor Markers Reagent Kit

Anti-Nuclear Antibody Spectrum Reagent Kit

Allergen IgE Reagent Kit

12 Tumor Markers Reagent Kit (Male)

12 Tumor Markers Reagent Kit (Female)

6 Tumor Markers Reagent Kit (Liver)

7 Tumor Markers Reagent Kit (Digestive Tract)

7 Tumor Markers Reagent Kit (Lung)





Allergen 9-item (Inhalation, Food) Specific IgE Reagent Kit