Automatic Biochip Analyzer SLXP-002C

Instrument Parameters

Sample Positions: 5

Chip Positions: 13

Reagent Positions: 8

Detection Time: Within 15 mins

Throughput: 280T/H

Instrument Size: 580mm*530mm*500mm (W*D*H)

Weight: 60kgs, Desktop

Product Features

High Throughput】 Results available in 15 minutes (taking 7-item cardiopulmonary function as an example), detection speed up to 420 T/H, much higher throughput than other POCTs.

Streamlined and Intelligent Software】 Eye-catching and reasonable layout of common menus, with touch screen, supporting the interoperability of LIS and HIS systems.

Good User Experience】 Automatic code scanning and identification of samples and reagents, real-time monitoring of reagents and consumables, and automatic detection, reducing human errors and saving labor costs.

Diversified Test Modes】 Batch detection, priority for emergency treatment.

Reliable Sample Loading System】 High-precision sample loading and long-term spring cleaning of sampling needle to eliminate cross-contamination.

Supporting Reagents

Multiple Tumor Markers Reagent Kit

Cardiopulmonary Function (Myocardial Markers) Reagent Kit

Inflammation Reagent Kit

Anti-Nuclear Antibody Spectrum Reagent Kit

Allergen IgE Reagent Kit

12 Tumor Markers Reagent Kit (Male)

12 Tumor Markers Reagent Kit (Female)

6 Tumor Markers Reagent Kit (Liver)

7 Tumor Markers Reagent Kit (Digestive Tract)

7 Tumor Markers Reagent Kit (Lung)

Cardiopulmonary Function Reagent Kit,

Myocardial Marker Reagent Kit,

Cardiopulmonary Function Marker Reagent Kit (Second Generation)

PCT and CRP Reagent Kit,

Inflammation Reagent Kit (Second Generation)





Allergen 9-item (Inhalation, Food) Specific IgE Reagent Kit