Founded in 2007 and located in Wuxi High-tech Zone, Jiangsu Sunlant Bioengineering Co., Ltd. is a professional company that innovatively integrates chemiluminescence immunoassay technology, multi-indicator parallel detection technology and microarray high-throughput biochip detection technology for assisting the diagnosis and treatment of clinical diseases. The Company has two achievements of the "863 Program" of the Ministry of Science and Technology, has undertaken one major industrial project in Jiangsu Province, and possesses nearly 100 patented technologies.

After years of development, SUNLANT has built a series of platform including microarray biochip, electrochemiluminescence, biological raw material, full-automatic testing instrument, integrated wearable biosensing, etc. Based on the above platform, SUNLANT has developed products such as tumor markers, myocardial injury markers, inflammation markers, autoantibody profiles, allergen specific IgE, and smart wearable devices. These products are widely used in the fields of clinical examination, physical examination, and pandemic monitoring in medical institutions at all levels and personal health management at home, winning a good reputation in the in vitro diagnostics industry, and achieving partial substitution of imported products.

Relying on its excellent R&D, production, marketing and after-sales service teams, the Company provides complete clinical laboratory diagnosis solutions for medical institutions in clinical testing and related fields. As always, the Company will consistently fulfill its mission to develop more and better products through continuous technological innovation. Pursue excellent and convenient user experience, improve the quality of life and health, and benefit more people.